CypherPower Micro Generator F50 Micro-hydro DC Water Flow Pump 5V 12V 0-80V Turbine Hydroelectric Power Energy Generator 1.2Mpa Water Phase



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1. Stainless steel machine wire screws, choose better materials.

2. Low water pressure start, water channel design with low flow loss, low water pressure start (0.05mpa).

3. Water and electricity separation, water and electricity separation technology + double magnetic circuit coupling clutch.

4. Enlarge the vortex impeller to greatly improve the power generation efficiency, and at the same time add bearings to reduce wear.

5. Chin-iron-boron strong magnetism, using Chin-iron-boron strong magnetism, greatly improves the power generation capacity.

6. Four-point external screw thread: 4-point external screw thread is used for the water inlet and outlet, and the outer diameter is about 20mm.

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