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CypherPower Inc., based in the United States, was founded in 2016 with a vision to offer comprehensive solutions for all types of miners. Our journey began with small-scale mining operations when Bitcoin was still gaining traction. Overcoming obstacles and unexpected complications, we recognized the need to deepen our understanding of mining technologies.

Connecting with industry leaders like Bitmain, we received advanced training in miner repair and maintenance, enabling us to deliver top-notch services. Engaging with mining enthusiasts across the US, we noticed a common issue - urgent need for solutions to prevent profit loss. This drove us to use our skills to help individuals get their miners fully repaired and running efficiently.

In the mining business, time matters, and we value the urgency. Our commitment is to provide the fastest, most efficient repair services without compromising quality. We prioritize our customers' satisfaction, striving to exceed their expectations in every way.

  • Repairing & Maintenance.
  • Operation.
  • Recycle.

Supporting Manufacturers

Bitmain Whatsminer Ebang Innocilicon MicroBT Canaan Intel Nvidia Geforce RTX Amd Radeon

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Overview of WhatsMiner Mining Machines

Overview of WhatsMiner Mining Machines

This article serves as an informative guide, tailored to newcomers entering the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining, with a specific focus on WhatsMiner machines. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of WhatsMiner's offerings, empowering individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of mining hardware selection. It's important to note that the data presented herein has been meticulously sourced from reputable sources across the internet, ensuring accuracy and reliability in our analysis.


Meet Us at Mining Disrupt 2023 from July 25 to July 27!

Meet Us at Mining Disrupt 2023 from July 25 to July 27!

CypherPower is excited to announce its participation and exhibition at Mining Disrupt 2023, one of the largest global crypto events held in Miami, FL from July 25-27. 


Meet at Mining Disrupt 2022 Miami Next Week!

Meet at Mining Disrupt 2022 Miami Next Week!

Next week, CypherPower will be thrilled to attend and exhibit at one of the largest crypto events in the world, Mining Disrupt 2022, which took place in Miami, FL from July 26–28. The event provides an exciting opportunity to connect with clients and other members of the crypto community, and we will discuss the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem with some of the most influential members of the community.


Growing History

2022 Small business asset management.

2022 Initiated Defi program, offering digital asset management service for mining farms.

2022 Started mining farm support team providing firmware upgrade, repairing, inspection, installation, liquidations and cooling solutions.

2021 ASIC miner maintenance and repairing

2020 New generation GPU miners

2018 GPU miner liquidations, repairing refurbish

2017 Started selling GPU miners

2013 Started eCommerce Business in NH, USA

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