BITMAIN Antminer T19 Pro Hydro 235TH/S Bitcoin ASIC Miner(22J/T, 380V, 5170W, SHA256 Algorithm), High Hashrate/High Efficiency Liquid-Cooling Home Mining Machine for BTC/BCH/BSV w/Power Supply



  • 【Supreme Hashrate】Boasting a remarkable hashrate of 235 TH/s ± 3%, the miner excels in processing SHA256-based cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, and BSV, surpassing expectations with its actual hashrate of 246 TH/s.
  • 【Streamlined Power】UsageOperating at 5412 W ± 5% power on the wall at 95°F (35°C), the miner showcases efficient power consumption, underscored by a power efficiency of 22 J/TH ± 5%.
  • 【Optimal Cooling with Deionized Water】The T19 Pro Hyd. model mandates the use of deionized or pure water for its working liquid, ensuring peak efficiency, preventing operational issues, and extending the overall lifespan of the miner.
  • 【Adaptable Power Supply】The power supply supports a voltage range of 380~415 V, a frequency range of 50~60 Hz, and operates with a current of 12 Amp, providing stability to the mining operation.
  • ※IMPORTANT※ For brand new BITMAIN Antminer units, if the return is not due to product malfunction, a 40% restocking fee will be applied. Please consider your purchase carefully before proceeding.
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    Brand New BITMAIN Antminer units come with warranty coverage provided by BITMAIN. We are not responsible for the warranty; therefore, customers are required to proactively contact BITMAIN's official website, where dedicated personnel will assist you.

    The power cord was NOT INCLUDED in the package originally. Please use 380-415V Voltage; wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damage. Working liquid MUST use deionized water/pure water to avoid less efficincy, not working, and extend the lifecycle.

    Product Glance
    T19 Pro Hyd.

    Algorithm | Cryptocurrency
    SHA256 | BTC/BCH/BSV

    Hashrate, TH/s
    235 TH/S ± 3%
    It boasts a remarkable hashrate of 246 TH/s

    Power on wall @95°F(35°C), Watt
    5412 W ± 5%

    Power efficiency on wall @95°F(35°C), J/TH
    22 J/TH  ± 5%

    Detailed Characteristics
    Power Supply
    Power supply AC Input voltage, Volt
    380~415 V

    Power supply AC Input Frequency Range, Hz
    50~60 Hz

    Power supply AC Input current, Amp

    Hardware Configuration
    Networking connection mode
    Ethernet 10/100M

    Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, w/o package)
    13.35 x 6.42 x 8.15 inches

    Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, with package)
    22.45 x 12.45 x 16.93 inches

    Net weight
    27.12 lbs

    Gross weight
    29.99 lbs

    Environment Requirements
    Inlet water temperature, °F
    If the inlet water temperature is lower than 20 °C, the miner cannot be started. For the external dry cooler (EC2-DT),
    if the outlet water temperature is 35°C, the maximum ambient temperature is 30°C;
    if the outlet water temperature is 45°C, the maximum ambient temperature is 40°C;
    if the outlet water temperature is 50°C, the maximum ambient temperature is 45°C.

    Water flow, L/min

    Water pressure bar

    Working fluid
    Deionized water/Pure water

    Liquid PH

    Diameter of water pipe connector, mm

    Storage temperature,°F
    -4~158 °F

    Operation humidity(non-condensing) , RH

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