About Us

We are your one stop mining farm service provider.

  • Miner inspection & installation.
  • Miner supply chain.
  • Repairing & Maintenance.
  • Operation training.
  • Minter demolish, recycle and liquidation.
  • Cooling solutions.


Supporting Manufacturers


Bitmain    Whatsminer   Ebang      Innocilicon   MicroBTCanaan  Intel   Nvidia Geforce RTX   Amd Radeon


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Growing History

2022 Started mining farm support team providing firmware upgrade, repairing, inspection, installation, liquidations and cooling solutions.

2021 ASIC miner maintenance and repairing

2020 New generation GPU miners

2018 GPU miner liquidations, repairing & refurbish

2017 Started selling GPU miners

2013 Started eCommerce Business in NH, USA