Bitmain releases second hydro-cooled ASIC in two months

On Saturday, Bitmain announced yet another new machine via Twitter: the Antminer S19 XP Hydro. The most powerful ASIC to date, the machine runs at 255 TH/s with an efficiency of 21 J/TH. With Intel throwing its hat into the ASIC ring, it’s hard not to see yet another machine announcement from Bitmain as a counter-punch. What is it?
The S19 XP Hydro is essentially the S19 XP tuned for better efficiency and souped up with a water cooler. (ASIC manufacturers are able to increase chip performance by “tuning” the chip after manufacturing, thereby creating a more efficient ASIC).

The key difference? Bitmain's use of the 5 nm chip for the S19 XP Hydro, an improvement on the current 7 nm chips used for other Bitmain machines. The compressed chip size increases the amount of computation possible on a board, meaning more hashrate.

The S19 XP Hydro is 28% more powerful and 25% more efficient than its counterpart, the S19 Pro+ Hydro. Similar to the S19 Pro+, Bitmain has likely taken the backbone of the S19 XP and put it in the working unit of a hydro-cooled machine.

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Assuming some basic inputs such as $0.05 electrical costs, Bitcoin’s current price and current difficulty, the S19 XP Hydro can mine one Bitcoin for under $6,000 per coin. The machine’s electrical break-even point sits at $0.35, nearly $0.15 higher than an ordinary S19.

Bitmain is taking bulk orders sometime in the near future and will start shipping January to March 2023.

Similar to the S19 Pro+ Hydro, the machine is meant to function with the Antspace HK3 (a water-cooled technology container) in an industrial application. The container costs an additional $110,000 and can fit about 200 machines, according to the manufacturer.

Wasting no time after Intel announced the Bonanza 2 miner, Bitmain is coming out with back-to-back machines hitting the ground hard with both hashrate and efficiency. It's clear the mining manufacturing race is only heating up from here.