EBIT E10.1 18TH/S



  • Three arithmetic boards work independently, do not affect each other. Rail-type veneer, more convenient to achieve monolithic disassembly and maintenance
  • Full automatic cluster management software systems which provide full intelligent monitoring for mine operating status. In line with the management and operation of large mines, to make sure the fine management
  • Simplify IP setup, providing more convenient operation for large quantities of mine to modify IP, mine pool, miner’s number in short time
  • Aluminum Alloy integrated solid shell, equipped with a special fan, greatly increase cooling effect
  • The board has DC/DC, power input adaptability
  • Single installation, multiple groups. Installation is convenient and flexible
  • Using the anti loose elastic cushions crews and high standard packaging materials,effectively reduce the loose problem caused by transportation, vibration etc
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    Ebit Miner E10.1 adopts the latest independent developed 10nm chip, ideal hash rate can be 18TH/S,  It has low power, high hash rate advantage, and using the independent heat sink, with excellent heat dissipation. Heat sink using the latest bonding technology, shell material is more robust, to provide better protection for your machine and bring high benefit to the global miners.

    Ideal hash rate 18TH/S
    Power consumption ratio on the wall for reference 100W/T(-5%~+15%)
    Rated voltage 220V(-10%~+10%)
    Dimensions 430mm*147mm*165mm
    Net Weight 7.7kg
    Network connection Ethernet
    Working humidity 5%RH~95%RH (non condensing)

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